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You use below links to look for and book Hotels on all islands with formal Hotel accommodation that we service.

Passenger Baggage Information

Your baggage allowance is dependent on the type of fare you have purchased, and is shown on your itinerary.

Fully Flexible and Thrifty Fares

Baggage Limits
Fully Flexible and Thrifty Fares include a single piece of checked-in baggage weighing up to a maximum of 23 kilograms, with the dimensions not exceeding 158 centimetres in linear measurement (Width+height+length).

In addition, you are entitled to carry-on personal items such as laptops, cameras and baby’s needs totaling not more than 7 kilograms. As storage space in the cabin is limited, these items must be able to be stored underneath the seat – or on Saab 340 services, in the overhead locker.

Seat2Go Fares

Seat2Go Fares include a carry-on allowance of 7 kilograms only. There is no checked baggage allowance on this fare type and none can be purchased retroactively. Please note that carry-on baggage may be weighed at the boarding gate and excess above 7 kilograms will only be accepted if space permits and excess charges paid. We may require that some of your carry-on allowance be stowed in the baggage hold if cabin space is restricted.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage will be accepted for carriage on the same flight subject to space availability and payment of excess baggage charges: $60 per additional piece weighing up to a maximum of 23 kilograms each.

Oversize Baggage

Oversize baggage and sporting equipment will be carried as space permits. The weight limit for a single piece is 32 kilograms and the maximum length is 2 metres. Excess baggage rates apply to oversized items.

Baggage Storage

A Baggage Storage Room and storage lockers are available for a daily storage charge. Enquire at Check-In for directions and charges.

Private Air Charter

A private charter provides the flexibility to travel around our islands in style, with the convenience of setting your own timetable and routing.

Embraer Bandeirante

The Embraer Bandeirante aircraft seats up to twelve passengers for travel around the Southern Islands reducing to eight passengers for flights further afield to the Northern Atolls, as well as neighbouring Tahiti to the east, and Niue, Samoa and Tonga to the west. Pricing is based on departure from and return to our Rarotonga base.

The following additional options are available:

  • In-flight catering
  • Ground tours
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Concierge/tour guide

The Embraer Bandeirante may also be configured for all-cargo and medevac flights.

Saab 340

This aircraft is available for round trip charter Rarotonga-Aitutaki outside of normal scheduled flight commitments. Capacity for up to 34 passengers (dependent on baggage weight). All flights carry a flight attendant – In-flight catering options are available.

Rarotonga VIP Lounge

A VIP Lounge is available as an option for arriving and departing charter guests.

Cessna 172

A single-engine high wing Cessna is available for local flying around Rarotonga carrying up to three passengers or can be flown with the door removed for filming. Outer island assignments can be accommodated however passengers cannot be carried on inter-island positioning flights.

Terms and Conditions

All charter flights are offered subject to our Air Charter General Terms and Conditions.

Click to view and download.

PDF icon Air Charter Agreement

Standard Charter Rates

PDF icon Standard Charter Rates

Customised Charter Itineraries

For pricing of a customised charter itinerary, please contact us for a detailed quotation. charters@airraro.co.ck

FBO/Ground Handling – for Airlines and Private Jets

Air Rarotonga Terminal Services – We provide contract ground handling for other airlines and itinerant private aircraft at both Cook Islands International Airports, Rarotonga (NCRG - RAR) and Aitutaki (NCAI - AIT).

For private jets and itinerant aircraft we can customise services from basic transit through to full service including meet and greet, fuel, engineering services, private airport lounge, accommodation arrangements, tours and rentals for crew and passengers.

Other airlines are serviced in accordance with the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) – Simplified Version.

Our clients include: Air Tahiti (ATR 42/72) Virgin Australia (B737-800) the Royal New Zealand Air Force (C130, P3, and B757-200) and RAAF (P3, C130, C17). Our most famous guest was US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton who visited the Cook Islands in 2012 aboard Air Force Two.

Rarotonga International Airport (NCRG – RAR)

Full top and bottom handling for all types from regional turbo-props, private jets to wide-bodies and military aircraft.

  • Liaison with Airport and border control authorities
  • Passenger check-in
  • Cargo acceptance and handling
  • Catering
  • Crew transport and accommodation
  • VIP services – private airport lounge, accommodation, tours and rentals
  • Refueling JET A1 and AvGas
  • Engineering support
  • Station management, IT and communication support

Aitutaki International Airport (NCAI – AIT)

Private Jets and Itinerant Aircraft to GA650 ATR72 size.

  • Meet and Greet
  • Liaison with Airport and border control authorities
  • Passenger check-in
  • Catering
  • Crew transport and accommodation
  • VIP services – accommodation, tours and rentals

Contact us for a quotation.

Air Rarotonga is dedicated in providing a superior product throughout the Cook Islands. To enquire Ground Handling and/or Terminal Services, send us an email or call us directly.

A Ground Handling Service Representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Email: terminal@airraro.co.ck
Telephone: +682 22 888 extension 820

At the Airport

Air Rarotonga counters are located in the Check-in pavilion at Rarotonga International Airport. A short under cover walk from the international arrivals area.

These services are available for all our guests:

  •  WIFI internet access
  •  Baggage storage
  •  Airport Café
  •  ATM
  •  Public Bus - click here for time table